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The Gracious Gourmet- Hatch Chile Pesto

Green roasted peppers and authentic Hatch chiles create a new style pesto with a hint of heat. Garlic, cilantro and onions round out the Southwestern flavor for this uniquely American pesto. Enhances salad dressings, pizzas, pastas, risottos, dips and sandwiches. Use as a marinade or to finish grilled meats.

Consuming Fires Speciality Foods-Smoked Andouille Sauce

Consuming Fires Sauces & Seasonings produces lightly smoked, hot sauces which bring maximum flavors to any food. Making hot sauce hot is simple: building complex, balanced flavor is an art. We hope that you enjoy our masterpieces on yours!

Bugtussle Burn Texas Salsa

All natural ingredients..the only peppers we use are fresh jalapenos with the freshest of onions & garlic. Apple cider vinegar helps lend the sweetness with just a little bit of brown sugar. You can’t find a salsa that starts so sweet then burns at the finish!

The Mustard Factory-Tropical Orange Mustard

Tropical Orange Gourmet Mustard is handcrafted and matured in small batches for the upmost quality and flavor in every single jar. A hearty coarse grain mustard with sweet juicy oranges and lively jerk style Caribbean spices. A complex flavored mustard with a hint of citrus sweetness and spicy hot whammy on the finish.

Sugar Hill Smokehouse-Sweet Habanero

Sugar Hill Smokehouse Sweet Habanero BBQ Sauce is just the right amount of heat with along with the fruity flavors of habanero peppers. It’s all natural with pure sugar with molasses and uses no high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives to mask the flavor of the meat.

Scotty O’Hotty-Beer Bacon Chipotle

Oh yes we did! The most anticipated sauce of the year is here! We have combined the major food groups into one savory, smokey, beer bacon delight. This delicious sauce is like no other sauce you have ever tasted. This mild sauce is rated “E” for everyone & taste tested by some of the best […]

Rose City Pepperheads-Raspberry Habanero

The fiery Habanero is blended with local raspberries to bring you one of our favorite new sauces. Tasty glaze on chicken, pork or fish . Marinate skirt steak or shrimp and throw on the grill. Wisk with olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a tasty dressing. A favorite over cream cheese with crackers or as a topping […]

Rose City Pepperheads-Sneaky Ghost

We blended this locally grown Ghost pepper with Habanero, Thai chili & Red Jalapeno. This is one fiery sauce! Glaze chicken, beef or pork with it. A great gift for your friend (or you) who can never get things hot enough. Just when you think it’s as hot as it’s gonna get – the ghost […]

Poco Dulce-Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles with Smoked Almonds and Ghost Chile Salt

Don’t let the idea of Ghost Chiles scare you; this unforgettable Chocolate features a chile-infused sea salt that is hot on the tongue but not intended to be overwhelming. The quick heat deliciously balances with a light smokiness from Hickory-Smoked Roasted Almonds and the richness of smooth Bittersweet Chocolate.

Papa Turts-So Hot it Hurts

We do things the old fashioned way… the slow way… and we think that makes for great flavor.  Our award winning hot sauces are handcrafted in small batches, all natural, and low sodium.  Grown from a garden full of habaneros and a passion for spicy food, Papa Turts adds both flavor and a punch of heat to your […]