2015 Scovie Awards

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Year Company Name Category Sub-Category Place
2012Garden Fresh GourmetCondimentsSalad Dressing1
2012Patter Fam SaucesHot SauceFruit1
2012Buen Apetito incHot SauceFruit2
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointHot SauceFruit3
2012Freshies Food CorporationHot SauceHabanero1
2012Studio 4 CookingHot SauceHabanero2
2012Interesting Foods, LLCHot SauceHabanero3
2012Bayou Seasonings CompanyHot SauceLouisiana Style1
2012Sizzlin Sauces LLCHot SauceLouisiana Style2
2012Sean's booYah!Hot SauceLouisiana Style3
2012Red Canyon SpiceHot SauceMedium1
2012Arizona Tamale FactoryHot SauceMedium2
2012SuckleBusters IncHot SauceMedium3
2012Smoke'n JacksHot SauceSpecialty Chile1
2012Stevie Macs Gourmet Sauces, IncHot SauceSpecialty Chile2
2012Vahine Inc dba Tahiti Joe's Hot SaucesHot SauceSpecialty Chile3
2012Vahine Inc dba Tahiti Joe's Hot SaucesHot SauceUnique1
2012Tiger Blood LLCHot SauceUnique2
2012Ficher & Weiser Specialty Foods,IncHot SauceUnique3
2012Matanzima FoodsHot SauceWorld Beat1
2012Vahine Inc dba Tahiti Joe's Hot SaucesHot SauceWorld Beat2
2012Volcano Sauce CompanyHot SauceWorld Beat3
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose1
2012Porky's Gourmet Foods, Inc.Meat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2012Teri' s Gater Bite Spice Company read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2012Texas Choice/Southwest ChoiceMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose3
2012Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk1
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk2
2012Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk3
2012Arizona Rub, LLC read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium1
2012Smackers BBQ, LLCMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium2
2012Arizona Rub, LLC read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium3
2012Arizona Rub, LLC read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest1
2012Porky's Gourmet Foods, Inc.Meat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest2
2012Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest3
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeat RequiredGrilling Sauce1
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredGrilling Sauce2
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredGrilling Sauce3
2012Minnesota Specialty FoodsMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning1
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredJerk Seasoning2
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredJerk Seasoning3
2012Demitri's Bloody Mary SeasoningMeat RequiredMarinade1
2012Demitri's Bloody Mary SeasoningMeat RequiredMarinade2
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeat RequiredMarinade3
2012Chugwater Chili CorpMeat RequiredUnique1
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredUnique2
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredUnique3
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredWing Sauce1
2012Smackers BBQ, LLCMeat RequiredWing Sauce2
2012Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredWing Sauce3
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeats-Precooked/PackagedBeef Product1
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeats-Precooked/PackagedBeef Product2
2012Peoples Sausage CompanyMeats-Precooked/PackagedBeef Product3
2012Eldon's Signature Smoke HouseMeats-Precooked/PackagedPork Product1
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointMeats-Precooked/PackagedPork Product2
2012Eldon's Signature Smoke HouseMeats-Precooked/PackagedPork Product3
2012Salsa KingNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes1
2012Salsa KingNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes2
2012JillipepperNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes3
2012Jimmy Luv's Bloody Mary MixNot Spicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic1
2012Prometheus SpringsNot Spicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic2
2012New World Hot SauceNot Spicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic3
2012Treasure Valley Food GroupPrepared SauceGreen Chile1
2012New Mexico Chile CompanyPrepared SauceGreen Chile2
2012Smoke'n JacksPrepared SauceGreen Chile3
2012Patter Fam SaucesPrepared SaucePasta Sauce1
2012Garden Fresh GourmetPrepared SaucePasta Sauce2
2012Luigi's RestaurantPrepared SaucePasta Sauce3
2012New Mexico Chile CompanyPrepared SauceRed Chile1
2012Sadies's of New MexicoPrepared SauceRed Chile2
2012El Pinto Foods,LLCPrepared SauceRed Chile3
2012Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce1
2012Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce2
2012Patter Fam SaucesPrepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce3
2012Church Street CaféProcessed SalsaAll-Natural1
2012Gunther's GourmetProcessed SalsaAll-Natural2
2012Warning SalsaProcessed SalsaAll-Natural3
2012Okie Joe'sProcessed SalsaChipotle1
2012Curt's SalsaProcessed SalsaChipotle2
2012El Pinto Foods,LLCProcessed SalsaChipotle3
2012SuckleBusters IncProcessed SalsaDry Salsa Mix1
2012SuckleBusters IncProcessed SalsaDry Salsa Mix2
2012SuckleBusters IncProcessed SalsaDry Salsa Mix3
2012Traverse Bay FarmsProcessed SalsaFruit1
2012Ficher & Weiser Specialty Foods,IncProcessed SalsaFruit2
2012Miss Mona's Sauces & Spices, LLCProcessed SalsaFruit3
2012Salsa KingProcessed SalsaHabanero1
2012TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaHabanero2
2012Okie Joe'sProcessed SalsaHabanero3
2012TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaMild/Medium1
2012Warning SalsaProcessed SalsaMild/Medium2
2012Church Street CaféProcessed SalsaMild/Medium3
2012Republic of Texas Food CompanyProcessed SalsaTomatillo1
2012La Familia Salsa Co. LLCProcessed SalsaTomatillo2
2012TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaTomatillo3
2012Okie Joe'sProcessed SalsaUnique1
2012Sadies's of New MexicoProcessed SalsaUnique2
2012Sadies's of New MexicoProcessed SalsaUnique3
2012Miss Mona's Sauces & Spices, LLCProcessed SalsaXX Hot1
2012El Pinto Foods,LLCProcessed SalsaXX Hot2
2012Silverleaf InternationalProcessed SalsaXX Hot3
2012Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips1
2012Penny's Salsa Inc.SnacksChips2
2012Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips3
2012The Dessert DivasSnacksNuts1
2012McGinn's Pistachio Tree RanchSnacksNuts2
2012The Dessert DivasSnacksNuts3
2012Freshies Food CorporationSpicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic1
2012Jimmy Luv's Bloody Mary MixSpicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic2
2012Demitri's Bloody Mary SeasoningSpicy BeveragesNon-Alcoholic3
2012The Dessert DivasSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies1
2012Chocolates by George!Sweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies2
2012Tim & Larry's ELIXIR Boutique ChocolatesSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies3
2012Kelly's JellySweet HeatJams/Jellies1
2012Robert Rothschild FarmSweet HeatJams/Jellies2
2012Diane's Sweet HeatSweet HeatJams/Jellies3
2012The Dessert DivasSweet HeatSweet Sauces1
2012Benito's Hot SauceSweet HeatSweet Sauces2
2012Rafter 7SSweet HeatSweet Sauces3
2012The Shed BBQ & Blues JointWing SauceFruit Based1
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceFruit Based2
2012Sizzlin Sauces LLCWing SauceFruit-Based3
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceInternational1
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceInternational2
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceInternational3
2012RedRum Hot SauceWing SauceTraditional-Hot1
2012Barhyte Specialty FoodsWing SauceTraditional-Hot2
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceTraditional-Hot3
2012Smackers BBQ, LLCWing SauceTraditional-Medium1
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceTraditional-Medium2
2012Sean's booYah!Wing SauceTraditional-Medium3