2015 Scovie Awards

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Scovie Entry
Company Name:Pigchaser, Inc.
First Name:Ron
Last Name:Slawek
Street:PO Box 148
Product Name:Pigchaser BBQ Sauce Habanero
Category:Barbecue Sauce
Subcategory:American Style Hot
Year Company Name Category Sub-Category Place
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot1
2014Redlaw Sauce Co.Barbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot2
2014Outta the Park BBQ SauceBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot3
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild1
2014Grumpy's FoodsBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild2
2014Pirate Jonnys Caribbean Rubs, Seasonings & SaucesBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild3
2014G Willie BBQ, LLCBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot1
2014Heffys BBQBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot2
2014Robert Rothschild FarmBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot3
2014Grumpy's FoodsBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild2
2014Grumpy's FoodsBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild3
2014Bone Doctors' BBQ read the articleBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly2
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot1
2014B'Z BBQ CompanyBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot2
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot3
2014Traverse Bay FarmsBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild1
2014Admiral's Choice L.L.C.Barbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild2
2014Patter Fam SaucesBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild3
2014Patter Fam SaucesBarbecue SauceJerk Mild1
2014Minnesota Specialty FoodsBarbecue SauceJerk Mild2
2014Sean's booYah!Barbecue SauceJerk Mild3
2014SuckleBusters IncBarbecue SauceMustard Hot1
2014The Shed BBQ and Blues JointBarbecue SauceMustard Hot2
2014Grill Master ChuckBarbecue SauceMustard Hot3
2014Croix Valley FoodsBarbecue SauceMustard Mild1
2014Smokin' Texas Gourmet  read the articleBarbecue SauceMustard Mild2
2014Sam Dog BarbequeBarbecue SauceMustard Mild3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile1
2014Grumpy's FoodsBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile2
2014Fri-B-QueBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile3
2014Rufus TeagueBarbecue SauceUnique1
2014Redlaw Sauce Co.Barbecue SauceUnique2
2014Kinna's Chile ProductsBarbecue SauceUnique3
2014The Shed BBQ and Blues JointBarbecue SauceVinegar Hot1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceVinegar Hot2
2014Dirt Road Sauce, LLCBarbecue SauceVinegar Hot3
2014Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceVinegar Mild1
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesBarbecue SauceVinegar Mild2
2014Porky's Gourmet FoodsBarbecue SauceVinegar Mild3
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic1
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic1
2014Cabanero VineyardsBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic3
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic1
2014Freshies Food Corp.Beverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic3
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic1
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic3
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic1
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseQueso1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseQueso2
2014Campbell Soup CompanyCheeseQueso3
2014Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseUnique1
2014Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseUnique2
2014Big Russ Beer CheeseCheeseUnique3
2014Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseWhite Cheese1
2014Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseWhite Cheese2
2014Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseWhite Cheese3
2014Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co.Condiments-Hot & SpicyChile Oil1
2014Stöger OilsCondiments-Hot & SpicyChile Oil2
2014Sutter Buttes Olive Oil Co.Condiments-Hot & SpicyChile Oil3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish1
2014Barhyte Specialty FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish2
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish3
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup1
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup2
2014Viking Traders LtdCondiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup3
2014Sean's booYah!Condiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce1
2014Outta the Park BBQ SauceCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce2
2014Culinary TwistCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce3
2014Lusty Monk MustardsCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard1
2014Lusty Monk MustardsCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard2
2014Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard3
2014Old Florida Style FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product1
2014Valley Gurlz GoodzCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product2
2014Uncle Bunk'sCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip2
2014Sean's booYah!Condiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish1
2014Cottage Lane KitchenCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish2
2014Cottage Lane KitchenCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish3
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing2
2014Barhyte Specialty FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing3
2014Arizona RubCondiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning1
2014Sean's booYah!Condiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning2
2014SaltWorks, Inc.Condiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning3
2014J & J Peppers read the articleCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique1
2014Earl's Gone WildCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique2
2014Filipino Phil's Nuclear Chipotle Sauces LLCCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique3
2014Croix Valley FoodsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce1
2014Rufus TeagueCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce2
2014New World Hot Sauce, LLCCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce3
2014Barhyte Specialty FoodsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard1
2014Lusty Monk MustardsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard2
2014Smokin' Texas Gourmet  read the articleCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip1
2014Maxwell Mesquite & Company IncCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip2
2014Sean's booYah!Condiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip3
2014Gunther's Gourmet GroceriesCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing1
2014Bexx Sub DressingCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing2
2014Minnesota Specialty FoodsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing3
2014Sean's booYah!Condiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce1
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce2
2014Rafter 7SCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce3
2014Woody's Bar-B-Q Sauce Company read the articleCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning1
2014Fri-B-QueCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning2
2014Anthony SpicesCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning3
2014Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique1
2014Earl's Gone WildCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique2
2014Admiral's Choice L.L.C.Condiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique3
2014Smackers BBQ LLCCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/ Seasoning -Low Sodium1
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/ Seasoning -Low Sodium2
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/ Seasoning -Low Sodium3
2014Top Secret GourmetsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose1
2014Top Secret GourmetsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2014Backyard BYG Texas Sauce and SeasoningCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose3
2014Pirate Jonnys Caribbean Rubs, Seasonings & SaucesCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun1
2014Top Secret GourmetsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun2
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsCook-it-Up- No HeatDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun3
2014The Shed BBQ and Blues JointCook-it-Up- No HeatGrilling Sauce1
2014Sean's booYah!Cook-it-Up- No HeatGrilling Sauce2
2014Sean's booYah!Cook-it-Up- No HeatGrilling Sauce3
2014Big and Fine Food CompanyCook-it-Up- No HeatJerk Seasoning1
2014Big and Fine Food CompanyCook-it-Up- No HeatJerk Seasoning2
2014Sean's booYah!Cook-it-Up- No HeatJerk Seasoning3
2014Sean's booYah!Cook-it-Up- No HeatMarinade1
2014The Shed BBQ and Blues JointCook-it-Up- No HeatMarinade2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesCook-it-Up- No HeatMarinade3
2014Jungle HeatFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo2
2014Deception SalsaFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo3
2014Grinders Signature Hot SaucesFlat ArtMost Outrageous Label1
2014The Jerky ConnectionFlat ArtMost Outrageous Label2
2014Grinders Signature Hot SaucesFlat ArtMost Outrageous Label3
2014Grinders Signature Hot SaucesFlat ArtProduct Label1
2014Big Russ Beer CheeseFlat ArtProduct Label2
2014Pennacook PeppersFlat ArtProduct Label3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural2
2014Salsa PatronFresh SalsaAll-Natural3
2014Spring Bayou Foods, LLCFresh SalsaFruit1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaFruit2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaFruit3
2014Salsa PatronFresh SalsaFruit3
2014Salsa LisaFresh SalsaHot1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaHot2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaHot3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMedium1
2014Spring Bayou Foods, LLCFresh SalsaMedium2
2014Salsa PatronFresh SalsaMedium3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMild1
2014Salsa LisaFresh SalsaMild2
2014Salsa PatronFresh SalsaMild3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile1
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile2
2014Salsa LisaFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaTomatillo1
2014Spring Bayou Foods, LLCFresh SalsaTomatillo2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaTomatillo3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaUnique1
2014Spring Bayou Foods, LLCFresh SalsaUnique2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaUnique3
2014SaltWorks, Inc.Full Product SubmissionsGift Basket/Box1
2014Rufus TeagueFull Product SubmissionsGift Basket/Box2
2014Rufus TeagueFull Product SubmissionsGift Basket/Box3
2014Gunther's Gourmet GroceriesFull Product SubmissionsPoint of Sale Material1
2014Frog Bone Cajun SaucesFull Product SubmissionsPoint of Sale Material2
2014Big Russ Beer CheeseFull Product SubmissionsPoint of Sale Material3
2014Twang PartnersFull Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging1
2014SaltWorks, Inc.Full Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging2
2014Twang PartnersFull Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging3
2014Arizona RubFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site1
2014Deception SalsaFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site2
2014El PintoFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site3
2014Humboldt HotsauceHot SauceAll-Natural1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCHot SauceAll-Natural2
2014Gourmet Conveniences, Ltd. read the articleHot SauceAll-Natural3
2014Dirty Dicks EnterprisesHot SauceFruit1
2014ESPECIES EXOTICAS CIA LTDA read the articleHot SauceFruit2
2014Vahine Inc.Hot SauceFruit3
2014Gourmet Conveniences, Ltd. read the articleHot SauceHabanero1
2014Humboldt HotsauceHot SauceHabanero2
2014Dirty Dicks EnterprisesHot SauceHabanero3
2014Sean's booYah!Hot SauceLouisiana Style1
2014Sean's booYah!Hot SauceLouisiana Style2
2014Sean's booYah!Hot SauceLouisiana Style3
2014Gourmet Conveniences, Ltd. read the articleHot SauceMedium1
2014El Verraco EmpireHot SauceMedium2
2014Rising Sun Pepper FarmHot SauceMedium3
2014Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper SauceHot SauceSpecialty Chile1
2014Freshies Food Corp.Hot SauceSpecialty Chile2
2014El Verraco EmpireHot SauceSpecialty Chile3
2014Gourmet Conveniences, Ltd. read the articleHot SauceUnique1
2014Sean's booYah!Hot SauceUnique2
2014Rising Sun Pepper FarmHot SauceUnique3
2014Dirty Dicks EnterprisesHot SauceWorld Beat1
2014Sean's booYah!Hot SauceWorld Beat2
2014Viking Traders LtdHot SauceWorld Beat3
2014Cobra ChilliHot SauceXXX Hot1
2014Grill Master ChuckHot SauceXXX Hot2
2014Grim Reaper FoodsHot SauceXXX Hot2
2014Electric Pepper CompanyHot SauceXXX Hot3
2014Jungle HeatHot SauceXXX Hot3
2014Texas ChoiceMeat RequiredChili Con Carne1
2014Texas ChoiceMeat RequiredChili Con Carne2
2014Uncle Bunk'sMeat RequiredChili Con Carne3
2014Smokin' Texas Gourmet  read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose1
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose3
2014Daddy Hinkle's Instant Meat MarinadeMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest2
2014Ron & Adie's Spice BlendsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest3
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredGrilling Sauce1
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredGrilling Sauce2
2014Culinary TwistMeat RequiredGrilling Sauce3
2014Big and Fine Food CompanyMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning1
2014Minnesota Specialty FoodsMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning2
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredJerk Seasoning3
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredMarinade1
2014Culinary TwistMeat RequiredMarinade2
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredMarinade3
2014Texas ChoiceMeat RequiredUnique1
2014Arizona RubMeat RequiredUnique2
2014Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredUnique3
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredWing Sauce1
2014Sean's booYah!Meat RequiredWing Sauce2
2014Demitri's Gourmet MixesMeat RequiredWing Sauce3
2014The Jerky ConnectionMeats-Precooked/PackagedJerky1
2014The Jerky ConnectionMeats-Precooked/PackagedJerky2
2014The Jerky ConnectionMeats-Precooked/PackagedJerky3
2014Sean's booYah!No Meat RequiredUnique1
2014Pirate Jonnys Caribbean Rubs, Seasonings & SaucesNo Meat RequiredUnique2
2014Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredUnique3
2014Gilly LocoPrepared SauceGreen Chile1
2014Sadies of New MexicoPrepared SauceGreen Chile2
2014Casa de Benavidez New Mexican RestaurantPrepared SauceGreen Chile3
2014Sadies of New MexicoPrepared SauceGreen Chile3
2014Patter Fam SaucesPrepared SaucePasta Sauce1
2014TreeHouse FoodsPrepared SaucePasta Sauce2
2014TreeHouse FoodsPrepared SaucePasta Sauce3
2014Sadies of New MexicoPrepared SauceRed Chile1
2014Kam's Kettle CookedPrepared SauceRed Chile2
2014Gilly LocoPrepared SauceRed Chile3
2014Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceStir Fry Sauce1
2014Legend Larry'sPrepared SauceStir Fry Sauce2
2014Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceStir Fry Sauce3
2014Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceUnique1
2014Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceUnique2
2014Sean's booYah!Prepared SauceUnique3
2014TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaAll-Natural1
2014TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaAll-Natural2
2014Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaAll-Natural3
2014TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaFruit1
2014Campbell Soup CompanyProcessed SalsaFruit2
2014Traverse Bay FarmsProcessed SalsaFruit3
2014Curt's Special RecipeProcessed SalsaHabanero1
2014FCD Foods LLCProcessed SalsaHabanero2
2014Campbell Soup CompanyProcessed SalsaHabanero3
2014Black Market SalsaProcessed SalsaHot1
2014Crazy Good Specialty FoodsProcessed SalsaHot2
2014Deception SalsaProcessed SalsaHot2
2014TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaHot3
2014Crazy Good Specialty FoodsProcessed SalsaMedium1
2014Smokin' Texas Gourmet  read the articleProcessed SalsaMedium2
2014FCD Foods LLCProcessed SalsaMedium3
2014FCD Foods LLCProcessed SalsaMild1
2014Sadies of New MexicoProcessed SalsaMild2
2014La Familia Salsa CoProcessed SalsaMild3
2014Treasure Valley Food GroupProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile1
2014Little Diablo SalsaProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile2
2014Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile3
2014Silverleaf InternationalProcessed SalsaTomatillo1
2014Campbell Soup CompanyProcessed SalsaTomatillo2
2014TreeHouse FoodsProcessed SalsaTomatillo3
2014Little Diablo SalsaProcessed SalsaUnique1
2014Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaUnique2
2014Curt's Special RecipeProcessed SalsaUnique3
2014La Familia Salsa CoProcessed SalsaXXX Hot1
2014La Familia Salsa CoProcessed SalsaXXX Hot2
2014El PintoProcessed SalsaXXX Hot3
2014Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips1
2014Deanos JalapenosSnacksChips2
2014Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips3
2014Primo PopcornSnacksPopcorn1
2014Primo PopcornSnacksPopcorn2
2014Primo PopcornSnacksPopcorn3
2014Deanos JalapenosSnacksUnique1
2014Poco Dolce ConfectionsSnacksUnique2
2014Brenda's Perfect BrittleSnacksUnique3
2014Hacienda MaizeSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies1
2014Brenda's Perfect BrittleSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies2
2014Serendipity ConfectionsSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies3
2014Traverse Bay FarmsSweet HeatJams/Jellies1
2014Hacienda MaizeSweet HeatJams/Jellies2
2014Kelly's JellySweet HeatJams/Jellies3
2014Ojeda Sauces/ Semco Foods LLCSweet HeatSweet Sauces1
2014Sean's booYah!Sweet HeatSweet Sauces2
2014Fireland FoodsSweet HeatSweet Sauces3
2014Primo PopcornSweet HeatUnique1
2014Primo PopcornSweet HeatUnique2
2014Sean's booYah!Sweet HeatUnique3
2014Chili Dawg's Foods of FireWing SauceFruit-Based1
2014Jungle HeatWing SauceFruit-Based2
2014Chili Dawg's Foods of FireWing SauceFruit-Based3
2014Legend Larry'sWing SauceTraditional-Hot1
2014Legend Larry'sWing SauceTraditional-Hot2
2014Sean's booYah!Wing SauceTraditional-Hot3
2014Grinders Signature Hot SaucesWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium1
2014Smackers BBQ LLCWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium2
2014Patter Fam SaucesWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium3
2014Sean's booYah!Wing SauceUnique1
2014Jungle HeatWing SauceUnique2
2014Filipino Phil's Nuclear Chipotle Sauces LLCWing SauceUnique3