Scovie Spotlight – BBQ’n Fools Deadly Hot BBQ Sauce Party Wings

Here’s a fiery recipe from 2015 Scovie winner BBQ’n Fools using their 1st place winning Deadly Hot BBQ Sauce.

  1. Oven pre-heat to 375 degrees
  2. Party Wings or (Large Wings-trim the tip off the wing)
  3. Light coat with vegetable oil
  4. Season medium with BBQ’n Fools Signature Seasoning both sides.
  5. Cook on racks over the baking sheet pan.
  6. After 45 minutes apply a light coat of Deadly Hot BBQ Sauce with brush then flip the wings over apply more.
  7. After another 15 minutes flip the wings over again
  8. Apply another light coat of Deadly Hot BBQ Sauce
  9. Finish wings internal temp should be 165 to 170 degrees

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