Scovie Spotlight – Grilled Ribeye with CRC BBQ Riley’s Red Rub

Not too sweet, not to spicy. A perfectly balanced steak recipe from 2016 Scovie Award winner CRC BBQ…



Grilled Ribeye with CRC BBQ Riley’s Red Rub
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  1. 1 to 1 ½ inch thick ribeye steak
  2. Olive oil
  3. Riley’s Red Rub
  4. Butter (we use Land O Lakes)
  1. Using a good quality olive oil, apply a generous amount to both sides of the steak including the sides. Take Riley’s Red Rub and apply a good coating of the rub on all sides. Don’t be shy -- put some rub on it!
  2. Let the steak set at room temperature for several minutes. You will notice the rub will start to dissolve and marinate the steak -- this what you are looking for!
  3. Grill to your preferred doneness. The rub will not burn over high heat since it does not contain a lot of sugar. Once the steak is done, slice a pat of butter and place on top of steak and let rest at least 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!
  1. Note: This recipe won 5th place steak out of 55 teams at the sanctioned Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) Bedford Blues & BBQ steak competition. For more product information and to order online visit
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