El Gallo Habanero Restaurant Style Salsa (2019, 3rd Place)

2019, 3rd Place- Processed Salsa ->Hot

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Year: 2019

Place: 3rd

Product Name: El Gallo Habanero Restaurant Style Salsa

Winning Category: Processed Salsa

Winning Subcategory: Hot

With a great Mexican homemade taste, EL Gallo Habanero Salsa packs a flavorful punch to those who prefer extra spice. Pour on this rich salsa to brighten up your plate and infuse it with flavor.  FRESH ingredients. NO vinegar. NOT DILUTED with water. NO coloring. Refrigeration not required.

Company Name: Salsa El Gallo


2410 E. Mile 12 N.

Weslaco, TX  78599

Phone: (956) 463-5142

Email: LasDeliciasDistributors@gmail.com

Website: SalsaElGallo.com