Fire Fruits Tomato Garlic Artisanal Hot Sauce (2019, 2nd Place)

2019, 2nd Place- Hot Sauce ->Habanero

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Year: 2019

Place: 2nd

Product Name: Fire Fruits Tomato Garlic Artisanal Hot Sauce

Winning Category: Hot Sauce

Winning Subcategory: Habanero

Tomatoes are fruits of thin skin, sweet and pleasant.
The flavor usually has a slightly acid flavor which is compensated for by its particular sweetness.  Great for Pizza, Italian Dishes, Caribbean Soup. Our Tomato Garlic Habanero Artisanal Hot Sauce is your perfect choice to add a unique kick of tomato, garlic and heat in your mouth.

Company Name: Fire Fruits International


6733 Tamarind Circle

Orlando, FL  32819

Phone: (407) 480-6580