Gorji Gourmet Caesar Dressing (2019, 2nd Place)

2019, 2nd Place- Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy ->Salad Dressing


Year: 2019

Place: 2nd

Product Name: Gorji Gourmet Caesar Dressing

Winning Category: Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy

Winning Subcategory: Salad Dressing

Simply add parmesan and croutons and any greens of your choice. Also, great as a dip for seafood. The same recipe Chef Gorji uses on his Caesar Salad at Gorji Restaurant in Dallas,TX.

Company Name: Gorji Gourmet Foods


5100 Belt Line Rd #402

Dallas, Texas  75254

Phone: (214) 924-5770

Email: mgorji@gorjigourmet.com

Website: https://www.gorjigourmet.com