Ms. Mango (2018, 1 Place)

2018, 1 Place – Barbecue Sauce > Fruit-Based Mild


Year: 2018
Place: 1 Place
Product Name: Ms. Mango
Category: Barbecue Sauce
Subcategory: Fruit-Based Mild

That’s Ms. Mango to you. In the South we always place the honorific title of “Ms.” in front of all grown women’s names out of respect. And, should you forget, someone will surely put you in your place. Ms. Mango is made with fresh roasted mangos and delicious spice.

Company Name: Southern Belles BBQ
5325 West Bard Ave 1008
Bethesda, MD 20816
Contact Person: Jacqueline Brooks
Phone: 202-421-3987