Spicy Hickory Smoke (2018, 1 Place)

2018, 1 Place – Barbecue Sauce > All-Natural Mild


Year: 2018
Place: 1 Place
Product Name: Spicy Hickory Smoke
Category: Barbecue Sauce
Subcategory: All-Natural Mild

To a Southern woman, the smell of smoked hickory means that succulent cuts of grilled meat and veggies are soon to follow. The Spicy Hickory Smoke is slightly thinner sauce with a lot more kick and spice.

Company Name: Southern Belles BBQ
5325 West Bard Ave 1008
Bethesda, MD 20816
Contact Person: Jacqueline Brooks
Phone: 202-421-3987
Email: jbbrooks32@gmail.com
Website: www.southernbellesbbq.com