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Texas Brew Fire Roasted Poblano (2013, 2nd Place)

2013, 2nd Place – Processed Salsa > Specialty Chile


Year: 2013
Place: 2nd Place
Product Name: Texas Brew Fire Roasted Poblano
Category: Processed Salsa
Subcategory: Specialty Chile

Perfection On A Chip. A versatile, hearty salsa with rich palate produced by blending fresh fire roasted poblano peppers with just the right amount of smoky chipotle creating layers of Salsalicious flavor. Enjoy the rich complexity of one of the most flavorful peppers to ever grace one’s grill or table.

Company Name: Texas Brew Salsa
9175 North Point Drive
San Antonio, TX 78266
Contact Person: Brenda Craig
Phone: 210-663-5067
Fax: 830-438-3189
Email: brenda@texasbrewproducts.com
Website: www.texasbrewsalsa.com