2015 Scovie Awards

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Year Company Name Category Sub-Category Place
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot1
2015Croix Valley FoodsBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot2
2015Sugar Hill Smokehouse read the articleBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Hot3
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild1
2015Grumpy's FoodsBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild2
2015Texas-Texas BrandBarbecue SauceAll-Natural Mild3
2015Curt's Special RecipeBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot1
2015My Daddy's Bar B QueBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot2
2015Smoky Jon's #1 BBQBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Hot3
2015Casa de Benavidez New Mexican RestaurantBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild1
2015Down Under BBQ- New Venue LLCBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild2
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceAmerican Style Mild3
2015Jenks Specialty FoodsBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly1
2015Croix Valley FoodsBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly2
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceDiet Friendly3
2015Robert Rothschild FarmBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot1
2015B'Z BBQ CompanyBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot2
2015Admiral's Choice L.L.C.Barbecue SauceFruit-Based Hot3
2015Croix Valley FoodsBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild1
2015Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs, Seasonings & SaucesBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild2
2015Down Under BBQ- New Venue LLCBarbecue SauceFruit-Based Mild3
2015Carter's BBQBarbecue SauceMustard Hot1
2015YT'z Trading CompanyBarbecue SauceMustard Hot2
2015G Willie BBQ, LLCBarbecue SauceMustard Hot3
2015Louisville Sauce Company read the articleBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile1
2015My Daddy's Bar B QueBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile2
2015Down Under BBQ- New Venue LLCBarbecue SauceSpecialty Chile3
2015Smoky Jon's #1 BBQBarbecue SauceUnique1
2015Sweet Heat GourmetBarbecue SauceUnique2
2015Arkansaw Hog SauceBarbecue SauceUnique3
2015Smoky Jon's #1 BBQBarbecue SauceVinegar Hot1
2015Woody's Bar B Q Sauce Co.Barbecue SauceVinegar Hot2
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceVinegar Hot3
2015Smackers BBQ LLCBarbecue SauceVinegar Mild1
2015Woody's Bar B Q Sauce Co.Barbecue SauceVinegar Mild2
2015BurntOut BBQ Co.Barbecue SauceVinegar Mild3
2015Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic1
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic2
2015New Deal DistilleryBeverages-Hot & SpicyAlcoholic3
2015Demitri's Gourmet MixesBeverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic1
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaBeverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic2
2015What the Chuck MixBeverages-Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic3
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic1
2015Tank's Premium Bloody Mary MixBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic2
2015What the Chuck MixBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyAlcoholic3
2015BBQ'n Fools Catering, LLC read the articleBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic1
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic2
2015What the Chuck MixBeverages-Not Hot & SpicyNon-Alcoholic3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseQueso1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseQueso2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseQueso3
2015Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseUnique1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCheeseUnique2
2015Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseUnique3
2015The Old Windmill DairyCheeseWhite Cheese1
2015Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseWhite Cheese2
2015Cabot Creamery CooperativeCheeseWhite Cheese3
2015Barhyte Specialty FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish1
2015Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish2
2015Firebud BrandsCondiments-Hot & SpicyHorseradish3
2015Porky's Gourmet FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup1
2015Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup2
2015The Jalapeno Ketchup Co., Inc.Condiments-Hot & SpicyKetchup3
2015Croix Valley FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce1
2015Filipino Phil's Nuclear Chipotle Sauces read the articleCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce2
2015JillipepperCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce3
2015Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce3
2015Lusty Monk MustardsCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard1
2015The Mustard Factory read the articleCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard2
2015Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Hot & SpicyMustard3
2015Bolder BeansCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product1
2015Silverleaf InternationalCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product2
2015Smither Family KitchenCondiments-Hot & SpicyPickled Product3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip2
2015BUDDIES FOODS LLCCondiments-Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip3
2015Smither Family KitchenCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish1
2015Lucky Habanero SalsaCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish2
2015Tommy's Bodacious FoodsCondiments-Hot & SpicyRelish3
2015Frog Bone Cajun SaucesCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing2
2015JillipepperCondiments-Hot & SpicySalad Dressing3
2015Top Secret GourmetsCondiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning1
2015The Spice LabCondiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning2
2015Anthony SpicesCondiments-Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning3
2015Mile High GiardinieraCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique1
2015Filipino Phil's Nuclear Chipotle Sauces LLCCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique2
2015Bolder BeansCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique3
2015Salsa MayaCondiments-Hot & SpicyUnique3
2015Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce1
2015Texas-Texas BrandCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce2
2015Croix Valley FoodsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMeat Sauce3
2015Lusty Monk MustardsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard1
2015Miller's MustardCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard2
2015Barhyte Specialty FoodsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyMustard3
2015Uncle Bunk'sCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPickled Product1
2015Bolder BeansCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPickled Product2
2015Bolder BeansCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPickled Product3
2015BUDDIES FOODS LLCCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip1
2015BUDDIES FOODS LLCCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip2
2015Robert Rothschild FarmCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyPrepared Dip3
2015Aspen Cornucopia Basil Vinaigrette and MarinadeCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing1
2015Jake's Famous Foods, LLC read the articleCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing2
2015Gunther's Gourmet GroceriesCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySalad Dressing3
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce1
2015Rose City PepperheadsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce2
2015Rafter 7SCondiments-Not Hot & SpicySweet Sauce3
2015The Spice LabCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning1
2015Little Bar Double R read the articleCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning2
2015Top Secret GourmetsCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyTable Seasoning3
2015Bolder BeansCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique1
2015The Gracious Gourmet read the articleCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique2
2015Hankerings, LLC-Salvy SousaCondiments-Not Hot & SpicyUnique3
2015The Spice LabCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose1
2015All Things BBQCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2015Top Secret GourmetsCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose3
2015BBQ'n Fools Catering, LLC read the articleCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium1
2015Smackers BBQ LLCCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium2
2015TRICKY DIX MOJOCook-It-UpDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium3
2015The Spice LabCook-It-UpUnique1
2015Top Secret GourmetsCook-It-UpUnique2
2015Aspen Cornucopia Basil Vinaigrette and MarinadeCook-It-UpUnique3
2015Feisty ParrotFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo1
2015Jungle HeatFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo2
2015Victoria Fine FoodsFlat ArtCompany or Product Logo3
2015Jungle HeatFlat ArtPrint Ad1
2015Little Bar Double RFlat ArtPrint Ad2
2015Gemini Crow Sauce CompanyFlat ArtPrint Ad3
2015Victoria Fine FoodsFlat ArtProduct Label1
2015Victoria Fine FoodsFlat ArtProduct Label2
2015Feisty ParrotFlat ArtProduct Label3
2015Victoria Fine FoodsFlat ArtProduct Label3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaAll-Natural3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaFruit1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaFruit2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaFruit3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaHot1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaHot2
2015Salsa PatronFresh SalsaHot3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMedium1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMedium1
2015Chile Products of New MexicoFresh SalsaMedium2
2015Salsa LisaFresh SalsaMedium2
2015Salsa PatronFresh SalsaMedium2
2015Chatos Gourmet Salsa LLCFresh SalsaMedium3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMild1
2015Chatos Gourmet Salsa LLCFresh SalsaMild2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaMild3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile1
2015Chile Products of New MexicoFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile2
2015Chile Products of New MexicoFresh SalsaSpecialty Chile3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaTomatillo1
2015Lucky Habanero SalsaFresh SalsaTomatillo2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaTomatillo3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaUnique1
2015Chile Products of New MexicoFresh SalsaUnique2
2015Garden Fresh GourmetFresh SalsaUnique3
2015Feisty ParrotFull Product SubmissionsBrochure1
2015Gunther's Gourmet GroceriesFull Product SubmissionsBrochure2
2015Frog Bone Cajun SaucesFull Product SubmissionsBrochure3
2015Stump Chunks, LLCFull Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging1
2015Dr. Stadnyk's Hot SauceFull Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging2
2015Kronfli BrothersFull Product SubmissionsProduct Packaging3
2015People Choice Beef JerkyFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site1
2015El PintoFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site2
2015Dr. Stadnyk's Hot SauceFull Product SubmissionsWeb Site3
2015Black Hat Spicy FoodsHot SauceAll-Natural1
2015Humboldt HotsauceHot SauceAll-Natural2
2015Consuming Fires Specialty Foods, LLC read the articleHot SauceAll-Natural3
2015Rose City Pepperheads read the articleHot SauceFruit1
2015VooDoo Chile Sauces & SalsaHot SauceFruit2
2015Cabo FlatsHot SauceFruit3
2015Kootenay Bayou Hot SauceHot SauceHabanero1
2015VooDoo Chile Sauces & SalsaHot SauceHabanero2
2015Papa Turts Inc. read the articleHot SauceHabanero3
2015Kootenay Bayou Hot SauceHot SauceLouisiana-Style1
2015El Yucateco Hot SauceHot SauceLouisiana-Style2
2015Fat Cat Gourmet FoodsHot SauceLouisiana-Style3
2015Red Canyon SpiceHot SauceMedium1
2015Kootenay Bayou Hot SauceHot SauceMedium2
2015Lucky Dog Hot SauceHot SauceMedium3
2015Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce read the articleHot SauceSpecialty Chile1
2015Scotty O'Hotty read the articleHot SauceSpecialty Chile2
2015Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper SauceHot SauceSpecialty Chile3
2015Crum's read the articleHot SauceUnique1
2015Rose City Pepperheads read the articleHot SauceUnique2
2015Lucky Dog Hot SauceHot SauceUnique3
2015Ken's Pepper WorksHot SauceWorld Beat1
2015Goldson GourmetHot SauceWorld Beat2
2015MB Family FoodsHot SauceWorld Beat3
2015BBQ'n Fools Catering, LLC read the articleHot SauceXXX Hot1
2015Fat Cat Gourmet FoodsHot SauceXXX Hot2
2015Big Daddy's Original BarbecueHot SauceXXX Hot3
2015Smackers BBQ LLCMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose1
2015Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose2
2015Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-All Purpose3
2015Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk1
2015Todd's DIRT Seasonings and MarinadesMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk2
2015Top Secret GourmetsMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Cajun/Jerk3
2015Coal Gulch Trading Company of Madrid New MexicoMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium1
2015Smackers BBQ LLCMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium2
2015Daddy Hinkle's Instant Meat MarinadeMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Low Sodium3
2015BBQ'n Fools Catering, LLC read the articleMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest1
2015All Things BBQMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest2
2015All Things BBQMeat RequiredDry Rub/Seasoning-Southwest3
2015Jules GourmetMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning1
2015Louisville Sauce Company read the articleMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning2
2015MB Family FoodsMeat RequiredJerk Seasoning3
2015Todd's DIRT Seasonings and MarinadesMeat RequiredMarinade1
2015Demitri's Gourmet MixesMeat RequiredMarinade2
2015Davis Sauces, LLCMeat RequiredMarinade3
2015Spice RunnerMeat RequiredStews1
2015Spice RunnerMeat RequiredStews2
2015Spice RunnerMeat RequiredStews3
2015Smackers BBQ LLCMeat RequiredWing Sauce1
2015Barhyte Specialty FoodsMeat RequiredWing Sauce2
2015Demitri's Gourmet MixesMeat RequiredWing Sauce3
2015People Choice Beef JerkyMeats-Precooked/packagedJerky1
2015Oregon Trail JerkyMeats-Precooked/packagedJerky2
2015People Choice Beef JerkyMeats-Precooked/packagedJerky3
2015Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes1
2015Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes2
2015JillipepperNo Meat RequiredDry Mixes3
2015Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredUnique1
2015Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredUnique2
2015Top Secret GourmetsNo Meat RequiredUnique3
2015El PintoPrepared SauceGreen Chile1
2015Sadies of New MexicoPrepared SauceGreen Chile2
2015Gilly LocoPrepared SauceGreen Chile3
2015Luigi'sPrepared SaucePasta Sauce1
2015Victoria Fine FoodsPrepared SaucePasta Sauce2
2015Luigi'sPrepared SaucePasta Sauce3
2015Gilly LocoPrepared SauceRed Chile1
2015Casa de Benavidez New Mexican RestaurantPrepared SauceRed Chile2
2015Sadies of New MexicoPrepared SauceRed Chile3
2015BBQ'n Fools Catering, LLC read the articlePrepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce1
2015Hacienda MaizePrepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce2
2015BBQ'N Fools Catering LLCPrepared SauceStir-Fry Sauce3
2015Filipino Phil's Nuclear Chipotle Sauces read the articlePrepared SauceUnique1
2015Call Me GourmetPrepared SauceUnique2
2015Gilly LocoPrepared SauceUnique3
2015Texas Brew ProductsProcessed SalsaAll-Natural1
2015Flagship Food GroupProcessed SalsaAll-Natural2
2015Texas Brew ProductsProcessed SalsaAll-Natural3
2015Chehalem Ridge Brands, LLC read the articleProcessed SalsaFruit1
2015Chehalem Ridge Brands, LLC read the articleProcessed SalsaFruit2
2015Chehalem Ridge Brands, LLC read the articleProcessed SalsaFruit3
2015Black Market SalsaProcessed SalsaHabanero1
2015Curt's Special RecipeProcessed SalsaHabanero2
2015Little Diablo SalsaProcessed SalsaHabanero3
2015Flagship Food GroupProcessed SalsaHot1
2015FCD Foods, LLCProcessed SalsaHot2
2015Sadies of New MexicoProcessed SalsaHot3
2015Bugtussle Burn, LLC read the articleProcessed SalsaMedium1
2015Salsa Me Krazy, LLCProcessed SalsaMedium2
2015El PintoProcessed SalsaMedium3
2015Casa de Benavidez New Mexican RestaurantProcessed SalsaMild1
2015Sadies of New MexicoProcessed SalsaMild2
2015Salsa Me Krazy, LLCProcessed SalsaMild3
2015Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile1
2015Sadies of New MexicoProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile2
2015Little Diablo SalsaProcessed SalsaSpecialty Chile3
2015Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaTomatillo1
2015Stick Figure SalsaProcessed SalsaTomatillo2
2015Texas-Texas BrandProcessed SalsaTomatillo3
2015Smither Family KitchenProcessed SalsaUnique1
2015Texas Brew ProductsProcessed SalsaUnique2
2015Chehalem Ridge Brands, LLC read the articleProcessed SalsaUnique3
2015La Familia Salsa Co.Processed SalsaXXX Hot1
2015Gilly LocoProcessed SalsaXXX Hot2
2015La Familia Salsa Co.Processed SalsaXXX Hot3
2015Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips1
2015Garden Fresh GourmetSnacksChips2
2015Texas-Texas BrandSnacksChips3
2015PuckerButt Pepper CompanySnacksNuts1
2015Jungle HeatSnacksNuts2
2015Jungle HeatSnacksNuts3
2015Poco Dolce Confections read the articleSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies1
2015Oregon Trail JerkySweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies2
2015Cabo FlatsSweet HeatCandy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies3
2015Rose City Pepperheads read the articleSweet HeatJams/Jellies1
2015Johnson Berry FarmSweet HeatJams/Jellies2
2015Jams, Jellies and More, LLCSweet HeatJams/Jellies3
2015Rose City PepperheadsSweet HeatSweet Sauces1
2015Texas Brew ProductsSweet HeatSweet Sauces2
2015Texas Brew ProductsSweet HeatSweet Sauces3
2015Overkill Hot Sauce read the articleSweet HeatUnique1
2015Poco Dolce ConfectionsSweet HeatUnique2
2015El Diablo Mustard-Mizkan AmericansSweet HeatUnique3
2015Rose City PepperheadsWing SauceFruit-Based1
2015Barhyte Specialty FoodsWing SauceFruit-Based2
2015Jungle HeatWing SauceFruit-Based3
2015Porky's Gourmet FoodsWing SauceTraditional-Hot1
2015Smackers BBQ LLCWing SauceTraditional-Hot2
2015Jungle HeatWing SauceTraditional-Hot3
2015Jake's Famous Foods, LLC read the articleWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium1
2015Jungle HeatWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium2
2015Frog Bone Cajun SaucesWing SauceTraditional-Mild/Medium3
2015Rubs 'N' Tugs BBQWing SauceUnique1
2015Louisville Sauce Company read the articleWing SauceUnique2
2015Louisville Sauce Company read the articleWing SauceUnique3