Gate 7 - The Jerky Connection INC

Gate 7 (2013, 2nd Place)

2013, 2nd Place – Meats – Precooked/Packaged > Jerky


Year: 2013
Place: 2nd Place
Product Name: Gate 7
Category: Meats – Precooked/Packaged
Subcategory: Jerky

Enter the 7th gate with this beef jerky. The Trinidad scorpion pepper is the world record holder. The burn is unique, hitting you on the back end giving us the opportunity to showcase the beef jerky marinade before the taste bud annihilating heat hits you. Truly addictive jerky.

Company Name: The Jerky Connection INC
218 North Second Street
Wrightsville, PA 17368
Contact Person: Tom Greineder
Phone: 717-715-7714