J-Man’s White – Hot Chocolates (2017, 1st Place)

2017, 1st Place – Sweet Heat > Candy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies


Year: 2017
Place: 1st Place
Product Name: J-Man’s White – Hot Chocolates
Category: Sweet Heat
Subcategory: Candy/Cakes/Pastries/Cookies

J-Man’s White-Hot Chocolates artfully blends the allure of white chocolate and the thrill of chilies to create the perfect sweet heat that will melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Come for the FLAVOR! Stay for the RUSH

Company Name: J-Man Foods
PO Box 388
Longmont, CO 80502
Contact Person: Jay Fernandez
Phone: (303) 775-4815
Email: jay@j-manfoods.com
Website: www.j-manfoods.com