Kobe Steak Sauce Original 12oz (2017, 3rd Place)

2017, 3rd Place – Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy > Meat Sauce


Year: 2017
Place: 3rd Place
Product Name: Kobe Steak Sauce Original 12oz
Category: Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy
Subcategory: Meat Sauce

A photographer, also a steak lover, after 35 years of traveling and tasting steak from everywhere, settled down at his hometown in Houston to formulate a Steak Sauce by himself to enjoy. The sauce must be perfect with beef and all kinds of meat, sauce must be paired with beef and not destroy the flavor of the steak, the taste should be in the high-end level for people to enjoy the meat. In early 2015, his wife took the formula and bottled the sauce. That is how we have Kobe Steak Sauce in market by the end of 2015.

Company Name: Melanie Food Company LLC
6810 Menlo Drive
Houston, TX 77083
Contact Person: Anhthy Tran
Phone: (832) 526-7272
Email: anne@kobesteaksauce.com
Website: www.kobesteaksauce.com