Poppa Pokey’s Black Cherry Chipotle Barbeque Sauce (2019, 2nd Place)

2019, 2nd Place- Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy ->Unique


Year: 2019

Place: 2nd

Product Name: Poppa Pokey’s Black Cherry Chipotle Barbeque Sauce

Winning Category: Condiments-Not Hot & Spicy

Winning Subcategory: Unique

A Unique Blend of Savory Spices With the TART TANG of Black Cherry and a Smoky Chipotle Flavor! Amazingly Good on Chicken or Pork, But Great on Anything Else You Dare to Pour it on or Dip in it!
The Rush of Flavor Will Turn Your Love of BBQ to LUST!

Company Name: Poppa Pokey’s Barbeque Sauce


1811 SE Main St

ROSWELL, NM  88203

Phone: (575) 420-7746

Email: sales@poppapokeys.com

Website: www.poppapokeys.com