Devil's Den - The Jerky Connection INC

Devil’s Den (2013, 2nd Place)

2013, 2nd Place – Meats – Precooked/Packaged > Jerky


Year: 2013
Place: 2nd Place
Product Name: Devil’s Den
Category: Meats – Precooked/Packaged
Subcategory: Jerky

A super spicy jerky features the world’s hottest peppers! This tantalizing and flavorful beef jerky boasts a sinister blend of peppers that is kept in check by the natural flavors of the beef and its marinade. Eat a couple of pieces of this jerky and let the taste buds burn!

Company Name: The Jerky Connection INC
218 North Second Street
Wrightsville, PA 17368
Contact Person: Tom Greineder
Phone: 717-715-7714