Gorji Dipping Oil and Marinade (2017, 3rd Place)

2017, 3rd Place – Cook-It-Up > Marinade

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Year: 2017
Place: 3rd Place
Product Name: Gorji Dipping Oil and Marinade
Category: Cook-It-Up
Subcategory: Marinade

It is the only oil that Chef Gorji has in his kitchen. He grills, bakes, sautés and marinates with it. He also adds parmesan cheese and squeezes some lime in it to make a dipping oil. No preservatives or added sugar.

Company Name: Gorji Gourmet Foods
5100 Belt Line Rd. #402
Dallas, TX 75254
Contact Person: Mansour Gorji
Phone: (214) 924-5770
Email: mgorji@gorjigourmet.com
Website: www.gorjigourmet.com